Why Don't You Get Matches?

Why Don't You Get Matches

Using dating apps is pretty straight forward, but many still shoot themselves in the foot by ignoring a few key things. We've put together some situations that may affect your smooth date, and hope to put you (and your profile) In the best position to find your perfect arrangement!

Personal information is not complete

This may sound superficial, but that's the truth! Many users are very eager to find their sugar quickly, but inadvertently ignore some of the details of their profile - the "About Me" and "What are I looking for" sections. But in fact these are important to stand out in the potential sugar baby or sugar daddy, because people want to know it as much as possible and see if it fits. If you can take the time to re-evaluate these parts of your profile and modify them, you can definitely increase your chances of finding the perfect arrangement.

Blurred photo

Will you send someone a message without knowing what they really are? I think maybe not. Unclear cover photos will also make people feel that you are not serious, causing you to miss the opportunity. If you are concerned about your privacy, please continue to upload any photo as a cover image. However, in order for your match to be smooth, please use some clear options as a private photo so that when you find someone you are interested in, you can easily share them when you are ready.

No background check

This is for the sugar daddies. If the baby sees a check mark next to his profile, they are more willing to send a message to the potential daddy. Diamond Daddies stand out in this category because the baby knows they have done background checks and income verification. If you are serious about finding arrangements, You will agree that this upgrade feature is well worth the investment.

Are You Using Tags?

Now we are recently added tagging feature allows you to feature specific things on your profile that you are looking for., that's helpful. By utilizing the tagging feature, users can now visit your profile and quickly make the decision on whether or not they are interested and want to continue reading your Profile and potentially messaging you.