When Should I Ask For A Sugar Date Online

When Should I Ask For A Sugar Date Online

When Should I Ask For A Sugar Date Online

As a sugar daddy, maybe you've been chatting with a sugar baby on the dating website for sugar daddies and sugar babies, she really gets you excited, and there's a spark between you. You've been in touch for weeks now via sugar dating site or app, and it's time to ask her out on a date. But you're a little nervous because you're afraid she'll say she doesn't think so, or just play with you. Given these reasons, you've been running from starting a date. However, a first date is a great opportunity to get to know someone and decide if someone has the chance to be someone special in your life. It's also a great opportunity to look for red flags so you can avoid relationships or agreements that are unhealthy and toxic to you, because the worst part is when you have feelings for someone and then realize you're a big jerk.

Therefore, a first date is necessary. But how long do you have to wait before you ask out a sugar baby you met online? Take a look at this:

The answer to this question

When should you ask out someone you like? The sooner the better. I mean you should get that number as soon as possible, get off the Internet, get into a great dating spot, and start getting to know each other. More specifically: do it as quickly as you can, without coming across as creepy. Don't worry -- although this is one of the main problems people face when using online sugar dating sites, it's actually not that difficult.

In fact, the sooner you get off the Internet and into her real life, the better. That's because, if she's a pretty attractive person, her online sugar baby dating profile has definitely attracted a ton of sugar daddies who relentlessly praise her and want to be close to her. Now, although they're obviously not as attractive or good-looking as you, she won't be sure you're the best sugar daddy out of all the sugar daddies until you show up in real life. You don't want to steal her online attention, you want to cultivate a real connection. Plus, daring to ask her out on a date shows confidence, while talking to her for weeks without taking any action shows that you're a wimp who's afraid to take any chances. This is very unattractive to most sugar babies.

Then you need to think about how you should ask her out. Unfortunately, I can't give you an exact number here -- although I know everything about dating and my advice is always perfect, I'm not a psychic. I can't say, "you should ask her out after she types 972 characters and three emojis, and you'll be hooked up right away." "You need to use your head and focus. In general, you should look for signs that she likes you. As soon as you find out she's interested in you, ask her out.

Fortunately, there are plenty of signs that they are not particularly hard to see. The most telling thing is her vulnerability -- she's telling you what's really important in her life. Maybe she's confiding in you that she's worried about losing her job because she misplaced a contract. Or eating a rare steak reminds her of a beautiful childhood when she lived on a ranch in Alaska. Or she doesn't know what she wants to do with her life, and she's worried about being her mom. Trust me, she's not going to come out to every sugar daddy on the Internet unless she's a huge sharer. So, she tells you that means she trusts you. If she trusts you enough to tell you her secrets, then she probably trusts you enough to give you more secrets.

Another sign is that she's laughing at you. If you receive a "you're so funny" message from someone on a sugar dating site or app, it almost always means "ask me out right now, you're a breath of fresh air compared to those humorless idiots who keep courting me." You've surpassed sugar daddies who have no sense of humor. Congratulations!

Beyond that, there are more signs to look for. For example, if you both like to go to the movies, ask her out to the cinema. In online dating, common ground matters -- it's a relief to meet someone who really understands what's going on in your head, not what might be going on in your pants. This means, by the way, that you should try to find out what she's interested in, or at least make a convincing impression of the person.

Finally, if she's complimenting you, that's a very good sign. Men give compliments like candy bars at Christmas, and women don't give compliments because they know, let's face it, that men are objects of flattery. If she says your life sounds cool or you're nice, don't hesitate to ask her out on a date.

Well, keep it simple. Don't talk sweet and think too much. My final piece of advice is that when you see these signs, you need to act. If you're lonely, it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that any sugar baby that doesn't immediately chase you away with a baseball bat is interested in you. Note that you don't have to interest her just because she replies to your message. Before you take action, take the time to show your charm. I'm sure you'll have the perfect sugar date. Good luck!