Should you bring flowers on the first date with a sugar baby

Should you bring flowers on the first date with a sugar baby

Should you bring flowers on the first date with a sugar baby

As a sugar daddy, have you ever thought, "should I bring flowers on my first date with a sugar baby?" The answer is tricky. After all, you don't want to make a bad impression, but you do want to stand out from the competition. I ask this question because I often hear it from my sugar daddy clients. In fact, there are pros and cons to bringing flowers on a first date with a sugar baby. Why? Let's find out!

Reason # 1: flowers, gifts, and excessive texting kill early dating relationships

Now I'd like to share with you my dating experience: I had a dramatic first date with an attractive sugar daddy six months ago. Everything was fine and I was even looking forward to a second date with him, but less than 30 seconds after we said goodbye, I was leaving the date when he made a fatal mistake. He texted me a compliment. If I remember correctly, it said, "you're a great sugar baby."I lost interest in him immediately. Why? Because he didn't give me enough space to be curious about him, and he praised me, which made him seem too involved. How could he be so excited after only one date? So I immediately lost interest in this early dating relationship.

Reason # 2: she doesn't feel comfortable bringing flowers

Holding a flower in her hand on a first date can make her uncomfortable. Imagine that people are staring at you, trying to evaluate the situation. Is this the first date? Did they meet through a dating apodoses she like him? It all started to make a sugar baby very upset. Subconsciously, she feels she shouldn't have been given a gift so soon. After all, you've only just met, which can have an unexpected effect on her anxiety.

The purpose of a first date is to build trust and rapport. By contrast, she would not be surprised if she received flowers from her boyfriend or someone she had been dating for a while. After enough time has passed and the relationship has progressed, sugar baby will subconsciously feel that she has won gifts and admiration. Once you reach this level in the relationship, flowers and gifts can become a charming way of expressing gratitude and thoughtfulness. But a first date is really not the time.

Reason 3: carrying flowers around is distracting

If your first date with your sugar baby is fluid, carrying flowers around can be a distraction. When she sees the flower in your hand, she may feel a pang of anxiety because she doesn't know whether to assume it was given to her or to act surprised as if she hadn't seen it in your hand. The uncertainty of not knowing how to respond may make her uneasy.

Lack of focus can make it harder to trust your date. As a result, a stressed-out sugar baby can't completely relax while dating you. If she can't relax, she can't trust you. A distracted sugar baby is not that attractive, because charm requires a cool head. If she's in her head, then she can't fully present it. Second, once she has a flower in her hand, she probably doesn't know where to put it. Or when you sit down, worry about it falling. You may have spent your time and money picking the perfect lily, and the last thing she wants to do is disappoint you. And then the whole time around, she just gets more and more upset and nervous, and you know what? Your first date might not work out.

Reason # 4: she feels guilty about receiving gifts early

While it's tempting to give a sugar baby flowers on a first date (or even a second date), doing so can have unintended consequences. First, subconsciously, it sends a message that she is more valuable than you, and when that happens, the sexual attraction disappears. Gift-giving removes sexual tension early in any relationship because it destroys your perceived value.

Consider the proverb: "if it were easy, everyone would do it.""Or" nothing worth having is easy to get."It means that value and hard work go hand in hand. The good news is that once you realize that values are subjective, you have the ability to influence how others perceive your value.

Sugar babies always want to find the most valuable sugar daddy mate. There is no doubt that if a sugar baby thinks you are worthless or worthless, she is unlikely to react chemically to you. Because women naturally want to find a valuable partner, too easy to get things that make them feel worthless. Now, what's maddening is that the same doesn't apply to men. Men often choose lower-status women because their evolutionary goal is to pass on their genes. The two goals aim to work together to produce stronger, more survivable children. However, the distinction between the two is easy to confuse. So how did you become the most valuable person in the room?

First, you need to make her feel stress-free. On the contrary, if you are too considerate. When she is stimulated and feels guilty, then she doesn't think about sex. So, it's better to give her a flower after you've had sex.

Should you bring flowers on the first date with a sugar baby? Conclusion!

Anyway, sugar babies don't want to know that you think she's perfect. They want someone who isn't in their league so they can "win.""It's sexy.

I tell you; I made a lot of mistakes in dating, so you don't have to do it again. I can help you avoid the embarrassment of the above experience. It's easy, but you have to know sugar baby. I can teach you. The key is to manage your attitude, and the solution is to increase your intensity. If you want to learn more about the right and wrong ways to be a gentleman, express your interest, and manage your mood, check out my best sugar daddy dating site - for more tips on first date a sugar baby.