How To Ensure Your Success On Your First Date With Sugar Baby (Part 2)

How To Ensure Your Success On Your First Date With Sugar Baby (Part 2)

How To Ensure Your Success On Your First Date With Sugar Baby (Part 2)

In the Part 1 of this article, we discussed first date mistakes, first date ideas, and first date preparations. Here's the rest of the topic:

What to do on a first date
It smells good

Do you want to go on a date smelling bad or wearing dirty clothes? You think a little perfume is for women? Wrong, men should stay clean, too. So be sure to clean up before your date, brush your teeth, and spray a little male perfume. This is a simple and easy step that can dramatically improve the outcome of your date.

Place of appointment

Have you ever been to the appointed place before? Do you know where things are different? Deciding where to go on a first date can help avoid some tricky variables. If the worst happens and your plans to go to a bar, a walk or a play fall through, what is your plan B? Make sure your backup plan is pleasant and easy to implement close to your original appointment spot.

First date tips
Keep it within an hour

The first date is just a first meeting, it doesn't take much time, and if you're attracted to each other, you can make the second date longer. Second, given that you're dating a complete stranger, you probably don't want to lock yourself in a cage for more than an hour. If your date is a weirdo, setting a one-hour time limit ensures you'll only endure an awkward 60 minutes before running away. Limit your first date to an hour to avoid spending too much time with someone you don't like. But don't ambush her after the clock suddenly announces you're leaving. Before a date, let your date know that the date will only last an hour or so.

How do you let them know? You can say, "hey, before we start, I want you to know that I may have to leave in about an hour because I'm going to catch up with my best friend at dinner. I want to be direct and honest (and smile). "It's important not to lie to her. Be sure to tell her in advance. Otherwise, women can always tell when a man is lying.

Don't spend too much

You may date a lot of sugar babies before you find the one that finally suits you. Can you afford to spend so much money on a first date? Even if you can afford it, it's not worth it. Do you really want to shell out a fortune on the first date? You have enough time to splurge on someone you care about. But for the first date, try to keep your wallet in your pocket. It doesn't cost a fortune on the first date to make sure she has a second date, if she likes your personality instead of being a gold digger.

Touch her

Touching is a way to show that you are interested in her. If she's also interested in you, this can break down the imaginary barriers between you and your date. Create cracks in the imaginary wall by touching her multiple times throughout the date. For example: start a date with a warm hug. When on a date, touch her hand or upper back a few times when the time is right. But do not touch her sensitive areas, otherwise it is sexual harassment. More importantly, avoid any awkward touching.

In short, keep it non-sexual, but fun. When it's time to say goodbye, touch her in a way that shows how you feel about her. If the date isn't going well, a quick hug will do. If you want to see her again, be sure to give her a really warm hug when you break up and tell her you want a second date. She'll hug you back if she wants to.

After the first date

Just because your first date is over doesn't mean you're a success. You also need to make some efforts:

Repeat the first date in your mind

Don't forget your first date, it can provide you with a lot of useful information. Such as her hobbies, eating habits, occupation and so on. These are all things you can take advantage of on a second date. In addition, recalling your first date can help you avoid repeating the same questions you asked on the first date, as it will put off the other person. To avoid this mistake, make a mental list of everything you know about her. Were there any interesting moments of communication on your first date? Maybe you can continue the joke and create one that only the two of you share. This is all good for your second date.


If you want to have a successful second date, you need to make sure the second date goes on as planned. Chances are your follow-up will be next week, but don't hear from her for more than five days. A few days before the second date, send her a text or two expressing your excitement about the upcoming date. But don't text too much, save it for date time.

Then when the date arrives, check again a few hours before you are scheduled to meet to make sure the date schedule hasn't changed. If possible, add a little humor and laughter to your message. Never say, "can you come on a second date?" Instead, show off your excitement so she can get up and get excited and set the tone for the rest of the date.


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