How To Avoid Accessories When You're Dating A Sugar Baby You Really Like

How To Avoid Accessories When You're Dating A Sugar Baby You Really Like

How To Avoid Accessories When You're Dating A Sugar Baby You Really Like

When it comes to sugar dating, few labels are as unattractive as "accessories." If you act desperate or needy on a date with a sugar baby, you're sure to get a one-way ticket to a scary circle of friends. To help you avoid this, here are my seven tips. But first, let's define who is an accessory.

What is an accessory?

Do you think you could be an accessory? Symptoms include:

  • Decide to "fall in love" with someone you don't know very well.

  • Try to see as many people as possible, or insert yourself into events you know they will attend.

  • Obsessively checking one's social media accounts.

  • Even if you don't get a response from sugar baby, you'll text multiple times.

  • Cancel appointments to meet other people.

In fact, no sugar baby wants a sticky sugar daddy, and if you do, you may end up an accessory. So you'd better follow these tips to avoid being labeled as such.

Tip 1: change the way you think

One of the biggest mistakes most sugar daddies make when dating sugar babies is getting caught up in scarcity thinking.Scarcity thinking is defined as the belief that the world is extremely limited and that finding resources for happiness is extremely difficult.In dating, a scarcity mentality makes it easier to fall in love with someone because you think that finding the right partner is rare and only a few people can find it.It's this scarcity mentality that makes you try to hang on to someone, making you seem desperate and needy.

So change your mindset from scarcity to abundance, and you're no longer an accessory.Your mindset needs to be "sex is abundant, I can have sex anytime."Don't think of sex with someone you barely know as your last chance to see a woman naked.Don't be clingy. Be a difficult and sought-after person.

Tip 2: take a step back and reevaluate

To avoid becoming an accessory, you need to step back and reevaluate your feelings.Just because the sugar baby you're with looks "perfect," "rare," or "out of reach" doesn't mean you have to.Is it because she didn't respond or is playing hard to get to make you want her more?If so, she's just not right for you.In this case, your anxiety attachment comes from your ego, not your true self.

So it's important to ask yourself, "what do I really know about her?"If not a lot, then ask yourself, "why do I want her so badly?""Maybe she has a unique look, so you start thinking about it with a scarcity mindset.Ask yourself, "why am I madly in love with this girl I just slept with/saw?""If you don't know her well, your brain will fill in the blanks with your ideal fantasy woman.As you shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance, you'll find yourself thinking less about this person and more about all the other opportunities around you.

Tip 3: don't bomb her

Don't bombard her with your love, she will be out of breath. Don't talk too much about how much you enjoy being with her. It makes you look like an early adopter and will probably scare her off. Also, don't say "you're perfect" or tell her you're canceling other appointments. No one is perfect, and putting her on a pedestal will only break her down. If you're not the only one, you shouldn't cancel her appointment. When you let go properly, she will think you are more valuable and worth pursuing.

Tip 4: deal with post-sex anxiety

Suppose you date a sugar baby and have sex with her for the first time.While having sex is normal in a sugar relationship, the afterglow of physical intimacy is quickly replaced by anxiety.We all know that sex is addictive to men because of the pleasure hormones released during orgasm, mainly dopamine.Because dopamine lights up our brain's reward and pleasure centers, it's understandable that you'll crave more sex later on.When you don't get it, it causes anxiety and makes you a demonstrable sugar daddy accessory.

When this happens, what you need to do is make sure you channel the excess energy.Instead of constantly texting the sugar baby and frantically checking her social media activity, look for other ways to find dopamine, like:

  • Hang out with a few friends, have a good time, or watch a ball game.

  • Get out and exercise.Studies show that moderate exercise can make you feel good about the flow of chemicals.

  • Watch a movie.

  • Another extreme solution is to take a cold shower -- yes, it works.Taking a cold shower not only wakes you up, it also relieves stress and reduces depression.

  • Finally, don't think of the excitement after sex as "anxiety" -- it's a negative word that puts you in a negative state of mind.Think of how you feel after sex as a "catalyst" -- one that ignites your passion and allows you to harness that powerful energy in a positive way.

Tip 5: don't make love next time

If you have sex easily, this may be one of the reasons you become an accessory, because it may make you less attractive to the sugar baby you're dating.My rule of thumb about sex and dating is that you should wait until the third date to have sex.The purpose of the first date should be to build trust and rapport, and the second date should heighten sexual tension.Once you're on a third date, you should be able to assess whether her morals and values are in line with yours, and if the answer is "yes", you can take physical intimacy to the next level. 

If you have sex too early, you run the risk of scaring your partner.Your eccentricity may even cause her to distance herself from you, because -- let's face it -- you two don't know much about each other on this point.If you have sex with a sugar baby too soon, she may worry that you're just trying to hook up with her, or just not sure what to do next.

Instead of being an accessory to increase her anxiety, try something opposite.For example, if you're in a conversation after sex and she seems to think that you just want to have sex with her, or that you, like all the other men she's met, just want to have sex with her, you can say:

"I'm different. I'm social, but I'm also picky.""Or" unlike other people, I'm looking for something real."

Summary: how not to become an accessory

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